How To Become 12th Class Topper ?( Easy Way)

How To Become 12th Topper The 12th Class Is At The End Of Our School Life, To Which Our Memories Are Also Attached. 

You People Will Know That 12th Class Result Is Useful Everywhere Whether It Is An Entrance Exam Or Interview For A Job. We Should Never Take 12th Class Lightly Or Else We May Face A Lot Of Problem In Future. 
Today, Therefore, I Will Tell You Some Such Tips Now That You Can Top 12th, Even If You Do Not, Then At Least Good Percentage Will Come. I Have Written This Post With A Lot In Mind Such As Questions Like What Children Do Wrong In 12th, How Should We Study In 12th Class, What Should We Avoid Doing In 12th, Etc. Which Matters A Lot In 12th. So Friends, Let’s Know How To Become 12th Topper.
 How To Become Topper ?

 How To Become Topper ?

As We Go Further In The Class, The Burden Of Studies On Us Also Increases And In Such A Situation, If We Do Not Handle The Study Properly, Then It Will Become Difficult For Us To Pass The Good Percentage. Bringing Above 90% In 12th Class Is Not A Big Deal, Just You Have To Work A Little Bit And We Will Tell You In Detail In This Post How To Do That Hard Work. Have You Ever Thought That How The 12th Toppers Come Out Every Year, How Are They Able To Bring So Much Percentage? 
The Biggest Reason For This Is Their Hard Work And Perseverance. The Toppers Are Already Planning How To Study, And Follow Them Well, You Have To Do This Only Then You Can Top In 12th.

There Is No Easy Way To Become A Topper, Just You Have To Pay Good Attention To Studies, Only Then You Can Become A Topper. 

I Am Writing This Post Keeping In Mind All The Streams Whether It Is A Student Of Arts, Commerce Or Science, The Post Will Be Helpful For Everyone. Before Starting The Post, I Would Like To Inform You That If You Are Among The Students Studying At The Time Of Exam Then This Post May Not Be Of Much Use To You, So If You Start Following This Post A Few Months Before The 12th Exam Then More Would Be Better.

How To Become 12th Topper: How To Make 12th Top

Time Management:

The Most Important And The First Thing That You Should Do Is Correct Time Management. You Can Manage The Time According To Yourself, What Time Do You Want To Read Which Subject? Give All Your Subjects A Little Time Every Day, So That You Will Hold On To All Your Subjects.

Self Study:

Many People Trust More Institute / Coaching Than Themselves And It Is Totally Wrong To Think That You Cannot Do Anything Without Institute / Coaching. You Should Never Sit In Trust Of Your Institute / Coaching And Try As Much As You Can To Understand Things Yourself. I Am Not Saying That Stop Going To Institute / Coaching, I Mean To Say That Self Study Is Also Very Important, You Should Devote More Time To Self Study Than Institute / Coaching.

NCERT Is Best Among Rest:

NCERT Books Should Always Be Your First Choice. I Am Speaking For Those Children Who Spend More Time On Any Reference Book Than NCERT. Reference Book Has Been Made For Those Who Want To Understand Things Deeply Or For Those Who Want To Sit In An Entrance Exam After 12th. But For Your Information, I Would Like To Tell That All The Entrance Exam After 12th Is The Main Root Of NCERT, Questions Are Asked From Its Topic. I Would Advise All Of You That If You Want To Bring Good Percentage In 12th, Then Pay Attention To NCERT Than Any Other Book. Till Date, It Has Never Happened That The Question Of Exams From NCERT Should Be Asked In The Exam.

Do Learning Subjects In Morning:

All The Subjects We Remember Should Always Be Read Around 5 AM In The Morning. I Am Saying This Because At This Time Your Sleep Is Complete And Your Mind Also Feels Completely Refreshed. Due To Which You Remember Things Quickly And You Do Not Forget Those Things Quickly. On Remembering Quickly, We Have Also Written A Post, But Do Read It.

Try To Finish Syllabus As Soon As Possible:

You Should Try Your Best To Get Your Syllabus Finished As Soon As Possible. With The Completion Of Syllabus Quickly, It Will Be Beneficial That You Will Still Have A Lot Of Time To Re-Read Those Read Topics. When You Read Those Topics Again, Then You Get To Understand Them Better So That You Do Not Forget Things During The Exam.

First Understand Then Learn:

If You Do Not Know The Meaning Of Something When You Read It, Then There Is No Use Of Reading That Thing. Never Try To Remember Things Without Understanding It, By Doing So You Will Remember That Thing But Will Soon Forget It. If You Do Not Forget, Then If The Question Was Asked Around The Exam By Turning Around A Bit, Then You Will Not Be Able To Answer, So Understand Things First And Then Remember.

Make Revision Notes:

Revision Notes Are Very Helpful For The Exam Time. Revision Notes Should Be Made For Every Subject Only Then You Will Benefit. In The Revision Notes, You Should Write Down All The Points That Can Come In The Exam. If You Feel That This Question Can Be Asked In The Exam, Then Write It In The Revision Notes, This Will Also Save Time For Revision During The Exam.

Solve Previous Year Papers:

In Which Pattern The Exam Questions Will Be Asked, What Kind Of Questions Will Be Asked, Which Topic Is Asked The Most, Which Question Is Asked The Most, Which Subject Is Asked The Most? Answers To All These Questions Will Be Found In The Sample Paper. You Should Solve Sample Paper As Much As Possible, According To Me, You Must Read The Sample Paper Of The Last 5 Years.

The Day Before Exam:

Many Children Get Nervous A Day Before The Exam Thinking That How Will The Exam Be, Will My Good Students Be Able To Come. If You Think So Much, Then The Read Things Also Start To Come Out Of Your Mind, So Do Not Think Too Much, Just Take A Look At The Read Topics And Go To Sleep Early At Night.

On The Exam Day:

On The Exam Day, Do Not Insist On The Mind At All, And Believe Completely From Inside That The Paper Will Be Good. If There Is A Topic ThatYou Have Forgotten To Read, Then Do Not Try To Read It At All. With This, You Can Also Forget The Topics You Have Read, So Keep Satisfaction In What You Have Studied.
During Exam:

When You Get The Question Paper, Then Take 15 Minutes To Look At Those Questions And Leave The Questions Which Do Not Come And Try To Do Those Which Come Well. Always Try To Do Number Questions First Because Later Time Is Less And The Answers Are Longer, Due To Which Mistake Can Be Made In Haste. You Have To Solve The Question Of Number 5 First, Then Number 3, Then Number 2, And Finally Number 1.

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