How To Join Indian AirForce (IAF)?

Indian Air Force Is One Of The Most Well-Trained & Respectable Jobs In India. After Passing The 12th Many People Want To Make A Career In The Indian Air Force, But Some People Without Full Knowledge Of The Indian Air Force Sit Down To Give This Exam About And In The End They Do Not Get Success And Some People Want To Get Admitted In Air Force. But They Do Not Have Any Idea About What To Do To Get Admitted To The Indian Air Force, What Is The Exam To Be Given And When We Can Give This Exam, Then In This Article What Is The Indian Air Force, How The Indian Air Force How To Join And Clear Its Exam, Complete Information  How To Join Indian Air Force Information Step By Step

How To Join Indian AirForce (IAF)?

It Is Not Too Easy To Join Indian Air Force But If You Are Determined That You Want To Make A Career In Indian  Air Force, Then No One Can Stop You From Being Successful, But Before Joining Air Force, You Should Have Complete Knowledge About It Like What Should Be The Age To Sit In Air Force Examination, Which Subject Should Be Given, Which Height Should Be Given For Which Exam Should Be Given In It Recruitment How Much Then So Should Know Details About Things Come The First Known Indian Air Force What Happens To Join Then How Do We Go About Indian Air Force? How To Join Indian Air Force Full Details

Indian Air Force Information


What Is Indian Air Force?)

The Indian Air Force, Which We Also Know As The Indian Air Force, Is Also Called The IAF In Short, Whose Full Name Is INDIAN AIR FORCE, It Is A Part Of The Indian Armed Forces Of India Whose Work In Air War, Air India It Is The Job Of The Indian Airforce To Protect, Etc. If There Is Any Type Of Air Attack In India, Then The Indian Air Force Provides Security So That Any Ulk Land Attack Not Pudding In Our Country Is Prepared To Why The Indian Air Force Students In India To A War They Could Fight Off Enemies.

The Indian Air Force Has Two Options To Join, The Candidate Has, Whoever Wants To Become An Air Force Pilot (If You Want To Become A Commercial Pilot, Then There Is A Separate Process For The Pilot ( Pilot) How To Become Full Information) Indian Air Force Is Slightly Different, There Is Some Eligibility Criterion For This.

  Eligibility Criteria For Indian Airforce

For Recruitment In Air Force, 12V Must Be Passed Along With PCM Subject Ie Physics Chemistry Maths Subject In Your PASS 12V.

You Should Have At Least 50% Marks In 12th.

Candidates Should Be 16.5 To 21 Years Old, Only Then You Can Give Air Force Exam .

Candidate Must Be Physically Fit

How To Join Indian Air Force (Indian Air Force), Complete Information In Recruitment

 1. Pass 12V With PCM Subject

If You Want To Be Admitted To The Indian Air Force In India, Then For This You Must First Pass The 12th Class, That Too In Science Subject, PCM (Physics), Chemistry, Maths Subject ( Maths Subject) And Must Have At Least 50% Marks I.E. You Have To Pass With A Good Number, Then For This, If You Have To Pass The 10th, Then You Have To Choose The Science Subject Directly If You Want To Get Admitted In The Indian Air Force. It Is Then

 2. Apply For NDA Exam

To Get Recruited After 12th In The Indian Air Force, The NDA Form Has To Be Filled. The Full Name Of NDA Is National Defense Academy, From Where You Can Apply For The Navy, Army, Air Force. This Exam Conducts UPSC Every Year, Which Happens Twice A Year, Which Is In April And September And Its Forms Are Out In June And December Every Year, Then You Will Have To Fill This Form If The IAF (Indian Air Force) Is To Be Admitted To The Exam Must Clear These Further Stop Is A Kind Of Written Examination (Written Exam) Which Conduct UPSC (UPSC)

 3. Now Clear The SSB Interview

After Clearing The Entrance Examination Of NDA, You Are Now Called For SSB Interview Round Of Recruitment In Indian Air Force. There Are Many Tests Like Physical Test. There Are Many Tests Like (Physical Test), Apty Test, Group Discussion, Personal Interview Etc., All Of Them You Have To Clear.

 4. Go For Medical Examination

As Soon As SSB Interview Round Is Cleared, After This You Are Sent For Medical Examination, In Which It Is Checked That You Do Not Have Any Kind Of Disease, You Are Fit, That Is, You Have To Clear All These Tests Too. Whoever Is The Candidate For Recruitment In Air Force, Clear All These Exams In All These Things.

After That A Merit List Is Made In Which The Names Of Qualified Candidate Are Named And Coaching These Selected Students In NDA For About 3 Years.

After This, The Air Force Academy Which Is In Hyderabad Is Sent Where You Are Given Air Force Training For One Year. After Clearing All These Exams, You Were Given The Post Of An Officer In The Indian Air Force. Goes After This You Are Called Air Force Officer

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